Paintless Dent Repair Service

Take Pride in your Vehicle
Because it is convenient and inexpensive and not time consuming to have your dings and dents repaired – why not fix them? You’ll be happy to have your car back in “mint” condition and looking good!

Because we remove dents and dings without sanding, filling and painting your car there is no risk of matching paint and getting over-spray on other areas of your car. The paint remains untouched. The vehicle retains it’s original factory finish and value, unlike an after market paint job.
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No Paint Dent and Ding Removal

We specialize in paintless dent removal, restoring your car to its factory shine without the need of refinishing. When possible paintless dent repairs are the best solution for dents and hail damage. The P.D.R. method is typically 20% to 40% less expensive than doing auto-body repair and refinishing.


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Save Money
Paintless dent removal is less expensive than traditional autobody repair.

Save Time
Many repairs can take less than an hour! For larger or multiple dings and dents we may need some extra time – our goal is same day service.

The PDR Process

Our skilled paintless dent repair technician can remove up to 100% of the damage using specially designed PDR tools. The metal is massaged from behind the dent – moving the metal back into it’s original shape. The technician accesses the dent through window openings, removing headlights and tail lights and through wheel well openings. The process is considered to be an art and it takes many years to master.

“Reading the dent” is part of the technicians training so they know where the dent begins and ends and they know how their PDR tools can be used to effectively massage the metal to remove the dent.